Policies and Procedures


Learning and Improvement Framework

The Learning and Improvement Framework 2018 has been developed to demonstrate the continuous learning that is required to be undertaken across the partnership within the context of safeguarding adults at risk.




Self-Neglect and Hoarding Resources


Below is a Suffolk 2018 self-neglect and hoarding case study, which used signs of safety methodology. The learning highlights the importance of the self-neglect referral pathway and assessment tool.


Guidance on Completing an Internal Enquiry


Collaborative Casework: Adults, Children and Families and Mental Health Services (Previously ACCORD)

Collaborative Casework describes the way we expect everyone across our services to work collaboratively to get the best outcomes for the adults and children we work with. We must all change the way we think about what we do and the way we do it, so the County Council, Health and other partners have been looking at how we work together. All parties recognise that the current system in Suffolk is disjointed, not preventative enough and sometimes doesn’t work best for the customer.

The guidance below applies to all casework and collaborative working across service boundaries at every level, to support a child, young person, adult and their whole family.


Multi-Agency Policy and Procedure in Relation to Adult Safeguarding:



Please see our separate page for SAB developed leaflets, guidance and posters




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