Working with Adults

It is the responsibility of all organisations to ensure they have a skilled and competent workforce able to take on the roles and responsibilities required to protect adults at risk and ensure an appropriate response when adult abuse and neglect does occur.

Practitioners can access Suffolk County Council's safeguarding training programme, which is aligned to the Bournemouth National Capability Framework for Safeguarding Adults. Training is multi-agency, promoting a mutual understanding of roles and responsibilities and facilitating the integrated working required to reduce and respond to adult abuse in Suffolk.

All training courses are advertised on and are bookable through Suffolk CPD.


Prevent and Channel

Prevent and Channel is an online training module for the College of Policing. It will take around 25 minutes to complete and should enable you to:

  • Explain how Channel links to the Government's Counter Terrorism Strategy (CONTEST).

  • Describe the Channel process and its purpose.

  • Identify factors that make people vulnerable to radicalisation.

  • Identify safeguarding and risk ownership of the Channel process.

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