The Internet can help vulnerable adults by providing tools to create new or extended support networks, develop new skills and knowledge and manage day-to-day living.

However, little or no work has been done internationally to either enhance vulnerable adults experiences, or reduce risk in online environments.

In order to redress the situation we have teamed up with Get Safe Online to research, raise awareness and develop an online educational programme.


In April 2012, the Young Voices Youth Parliament launched a Cyberbullying film. This was made possible by funding from Suffolk Constabulary. The film was designed, scripted, and acted by members of the Youth Parliament and the Hearing Voices Steering Group, with filming, editing and additional material undertaken by students from Lapwings Suffolk.

The Out & About Youtube Channel gives you access to not only the Cyberbullying film called "That's the Rule!", but other films that Out & About have produced.

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