Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) Adult Safeguarding in Suffolk

Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) were established in April 2013 to ensure clinical involvement at all levels of healthcare commissioning.

There are three NHS CCGs commissioning NHS Services across Suffolk; Ipswich and East Suffolk CCG, West Suffolk CCG and Norfolk's Great Yarmouth and Waveney CCG.

All three CCGs work with local Suffolk people in partnership with Suffolk County Council and Norfolk/Suffolk Police.

As commissioners of NHS healthcare, the CCGs primarily work with NHS services to ensure their arrangements to safeguard adults are effective and in place.

The three CCGs work closely with Suffolk/Norfolk hospitals including; West Suffolk Hospital, James Paget Hospital and East Suffolk and North East Essex Hospital. They also work with; NSFT (Mental Health and Learning Disability Services), East Ambulance Services, Community Healthcare Services, 111 and Out of Hours Services, as well as Primary Care Services.

The CCGs monitor NHS healthcare to ensure effective and compassionate services. Most importantly they seek assurances that NHS services empower and enable their healthcare staff to refer and access appropriate and proportionate levels of support when adult patients are at risk.

The safeguarding of adults is an integral part of improving and providing quality care and ensuring the safety of patients across all aspects of healthcare in Suffolk.

The CCGs have a statutory duty to participate in adult safeguarding work streams and oversee the health response to Safeguarding Adult and Domestic Homicide Reviews.

In order to carry out their statutory duties for safeguarding adults, all three CCGs employ designated/lead nurses/named nurses for safeguarding adults who lead on engagement of health across all Suffolk safeguarding agendas.  They participate in adult safeguarding work streams as well as Suffolk community safety partnership work streams.  They are also involved in regional safeguarding work with NHS England and other East of England CCG safeguarding leads.  This regional work recently developed the NHS safeguarding APP which is available for all professionals to support them in safeguarding work and decision making.

The three CCGs endeavour to promote and enable the health economy voice and healthcare agenda to continue to be a focus within all aspects of local Suffolk safeguarding work. They continue to facilitate healthcare providers across Suffolk to undertake and participate in adult safeguarding work streams and to incorporate adult safeguarding developments and learning within an improved quality of care and safety of patients within all aspects of adult healthcare delivery.

The CCGs ensure up to date health information, policies and procedures related to adult safeguarding are available and accessible for all local health practitioners and local residents. This information is available on all three CCG websites.




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