The Strategy

Suffolk Safeguarding Partnership is the body responsible for oversight and co-ordination of work to protect adults at risk of harm in the county.

This role exists at a strategic level, with membership of the board being held by senior managers within a range of organisations working with adults and in particular with vulnerable people.

This section of the website is the place to find the overarching strategies produced by the board that are used to govern its work and processes.


Latest Strategy

This is where you will find the Suffolk Safeguarding Adults Board's first strategy as a statutory partnership.

The strategy is in place to outline to you what the Board will be doing over the next few years to improve safeguarding in Suffolk. The document outlines the role of the Board, how the Board operates, how frequently we meet and what format these meetings will take. It also outlines how we will address identified areas of work operationally and how we manage and assess risk.


Prevention Strategies

The Care Act 2014 gives the Safeguarding Adults Board responsibility for co-ordinating prevention work around Adult Safeguarding and for ensuring that professionals and organisations have a clear understanding of what constitutes an adult at risk.


Archived Strategies

The Suffolk Safeguarding Adults Board produces a refreshed strategy on a three year cycle.

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