On this page you will find information about the various subgroups and forums that support the work of the Suffolk Safeguarding Adults Board.


SAB Subgroup Structure

Please see the structure chart below which details the subgroups that report to the Safeguarding Adults Board.


Practitioner Locality Forums

The Suffolk Safeguarding Adults Board's Practitioner Locality Forums operate from a variety of locations across the county. Meetings are held on a quarterly basis in each of the three geographical areas and details of upcoming meetings are held on the left of this page.

These forums are designed to give any professional working directly with adults at risk of harm the opportunity to feedback on their experiences of working in this field. The forums operate under a 'Chatham House Rules' arrangement, with practitioners free to speak openly and freely about their experiences and any concerns that they might have with regards to the quality of training, support from members, sharing of information with colleagues and partners, or a range of other issues.

Professionals are welcome from all agencies working within Suffolk as long as they either work directly with adults at risk or are undertaking a role that may have a direct impact on their support and care (such as in the case of business support roles.)

If you are interested in attending any of the groups in your area, please contact us.


Safeguarding Adults Review Panel

The Safeguarding Adults Review (SARP), formerly the Serious Case Review (SCR) Subgroup, are responsible for commissioning the undertaking of Serious Case Reviews, now known as Safeguarding Adults Reviews, on behalf of the SAB as and when required under No Secrets (2000) and the Care Act 2014.

The group commission and oversee the completion of the SAR process, working with involved professionals from start to finish, communicating with service users and families and commissioning the author of the final SAR report before developing action plans as a result of recommendations made in terms of practice by the independent author.

In addition to this role, the group may undertake reviews or analytical work of practice that does not meet the requirement for a SAR, with a view to gathering further learning that can be shared and dissemninated amongst members of the Safeguarding Adults or Children's Boards.

As of 2015-2016, the Safeguarding Adults Review Panel has been delegated responsibility for the gathering of shared learning from practice nationwide, including developing action plans as a result of SARs that have been undertaken elsewhere in the country, and sharing learning, both positive and negative, with board members as a result of these incidents and the resultant reports.

The SARP meet monthly, with a view to feeding back any learning to the full Suffolk Safeguarding Adults Board via a standing agenda item on national practice and learning opportunities.


Policy and Practice Standards Panel

The role of the Policy and Practice Standards Panel is to oversee and support the development of safeguarding policy across the broad spectrum of partners working as part of the Suffolk Safeguarding Adults Board.

The Panel's key functions are:

  • Holding ownership of the Board's agreed policy and contents standards. These standards are linked to the Care Act and place an onus on organisations to comply with national legislation in developing safeguarding policy.

  • Reviewing and assessing the effectiveness of policies developed to ensure that they adhere to the standards agreed by the Board.

  • Supporting organisations to develop professional practice and organisational policy.


The Policy and Practice Standards Panel meet quarterly, though operate a virtual group between meetings to ensure that any major policy or practice issues can be addressed as swiftly as possible.


Performance and Quality Subgroup

The Performance and Quality Sub Group is responsible for the development of tools and processes through which to develop the work of the Suffolk Safeguarding Adults Board and the establishment of effective performance management.

We meet quarterly in advance of each board, requesting submissions from partners that contain information on a range of data collection areas. We discuss these submissions and are responsible for the development of intelligence resulting from these, and for recommendations made to the board and to the Independent Chair in terms of possible improvement or quality assurance work.


Training and Development Subgroup

The Adult Safeguarding Training Sub Group's primary purpose is contribute towards ensuring that adult safeguarding practice across all SAB partner agencies is consistent, effective and efficient.

Our immediate priorities as a group include identifying training and development needs, setting minimum teaching and training standards, engaging with partner organisations and service users whilst also delivering and evaluating learning events.

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