SAB/LSCB Central Support Team

Please see below the roles of the Safeguarding Adults Board and Local Safeguarding Children Board Central Support Team.

Paul Nicholls

LSCB/SAB Manager

Tracy Murphy

LSCB Professional Advisor - Performance and Quality Assurance

Dominic Nasmyth-Miller

SAB Professional Advisor - Performance and Quality Assurance

Sarah Barnes

Business Support Co-ordinator - LSCB Board, LSCB Executive Group and Case Review Panel, LSCB/SAB Finance, SAB Housing Subgroup

Sarah Dunne

Business Support Co-ordinator - LSCB/SAB Communications, LSCB Child Exploitation Subgroup, LSCB Planning, Policy and Engagement and Training, Quality and Sufficiency Subgroup

Helen Heaps

Business Support Co-ordinator - LSCB Child Death Overview Panel (CDOP), LSCB Learning and Improvement Subgroup, SAB North and South Locality Forums

Amy Underwood

Business Support Co-ordinator - SAB: Board, Board Governance, SARP Subgroup, Learning and Improvement Subgroup, Training and Development Subgroup, Policy and Practice Standards Subgroup 

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