Priorities, Vision and Values

Priorities 2018-2019

The SAB will continue its core business which is:

  • Continue to evaluate the effectiveness of safeguarding provision across the SAB partnership through a range of performance reports and audits.

  • Ensure that learning from Safeguarding Adults Reviews and Case Management Reviews is effectively shared, monitored and embedded in practice.

  • Effective working across the key strategic Boards; Safeguarding Children Board, Health and Wellbeing Board, Alliance Boards and Strong and Safe Communities Group.

  • Develop a core set of policies and procedures which support frontline practice across the partnership.

  • Undertake Safeguarding Adults Reviews as required and ensure the learning is shared and informs practice.

Our specific priorities are:

  • Ensure that the identified improvements for the Safeguarding service review are fully considered and implemented including revised thresholds and risk assessments.

  • Ensure that the views of adults at risk of abuse or neglect, their carers and families influence safeguarding provision across Suffolk.

  • Ensure that the effect of Domestic Abuse on adults at risk of abuse or neglect is appropriately identified and addressed through the Domestic Abuse Strategy.

  • The SAB will increase public awareness of adult abuse and where to get help.

  • The SAB will further develop and implement the Learning and Improvement Strategy and ensure that cross partnership performance data identifies thematic audits and informs learning and risks.


Vision and Values

Here are the SAB Vision and Values for 2019. These are informed by the six principles of the Care Act 2014 and were agreed by senior leaders as part of the recent Transformation Programme.  These should inform and guide the ways in which professionals and other staff work to safeguard adults.



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